The Couple

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Een beetje meer The project, Een beetje meer, is focusing on our situation; -leaving an art school, our attitudes towards art, and how we are going to continue. For us the awareness of what we are doing is the most important aspect in this project. It is a complex project which can't be explained in one sentence. It shows attitude, statements, progress, and discussion about our situation as young artists in an integrated piece. Where one statement ends, another one comes into existence. It is about moments, searching for new places where we can continue enjoying what we love to do.

In the beginning of May 1996 we erected a construction wall in front of our working/ living place in Egelantiersgrach, Amsterdam. It tells that a decoration shop is going to be opened on the 25 of May. On this day, the construction wall will be taken down. The room will reveal nothing but emptiness, except for a video display. All our personal belongings will be stored on pallets in the entrance hall of Gerrit Rietveld Academie.

Mixed media installation, G. Rietveld Paviljon, Amsterdam, 1995