The Couple

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What do I want to do today? When I was a child everybody kept on asking, " what do you want to do when you get older?". After a while I started to ask myself the same question. It became a task, something to get prepared for. For whole my life, at least as long as I can remember I have been trying to make myself ready, but for what?.

"What do I want to do today?" is about us. A young artist couple, who is desperately searching for something that makes their work worth doing. It deals with our frustration that now and then everything seems meaningless of creating. To get out of this vacuum, we created an attractive tool for ourselves. We built a podium, let's say a kind of a stage( 2 X 4 m and 1m high) in our place in Amsterdam. Our working/ living space suddenly got a new intention, a reason for keeping us busy with thoughts and actions we enjoy to do. We bring daily situations on stage and try to work with them, either as a couple or as individual artists. It turns into a kind of a competition among the two of us,a proof of our creativity! - it is worth doing it, it doesn't make us bored..

Mixed media installation, gallery Fotohof, Salzburg, 1997