The Couple

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Young couple is looking for a place On the way to Artspace Witzenhausen, people are met with signs telling “gallery” and arrows pointing out the direction leading towards the place. In the window of the gallery the artists are storing their personal belongings. Inside the room there is a table with a slide projector running, a telephone,a note book and 2 chairs. On the wall is the text,” Young couple is looking for a place to live in Amsterdam. Please call 020 - 420 0032”, sprayed on in huge neon letters on the entire wall. The personal belongings in the window are not seen from the inside. They are covered behind a “slide projection wall”. The projection shows the two artists as a dreaming couple, walking around in Amsterdam “looking for a place to live”. During the opening time the artists are presented to collect information about their new place to live from the visitors of the exhibition.

Mixed media installation, gallery Witzenhausen, Amsterdam, 1996